“You'll breathe a sigh of relief”

”One coaching session with Sharon Pflieger and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief: she’ll help you jump-start areas of your life that have you bogged down, quiet your mind when it becomes anxious or pessimistic, and spark the flame of excitement that can help you discover a new way of living and leading. Sharon’s down to earth approach, her ready humor, and her own life and work experience will help guide you to discover and follow your own unique path to your best life.”

— Dr. Martha Beck, best-selling author and member of Oprah’s Live your Best Life Team



“She was instrumental in guiding our teams”

“I had the pleasure of working with Sharon Pflieger over the past eight years in my position as Director of Human Resources.  She was instrumental in guiding our teams in leadership development and change management.  Change is hard and learning new leadership principles requires an open mind.  I always admired Sharon's ability to make this process easier and fun!  She is smart and creative, maintains an unfailing sense of humor, and has an uncanny ability to connect with people - all skills attributable to her success.” 

—  Director of Human Resources


Skills that are Critical in the corporate environment”

“In working with Sharon, I learned to hear and question what 'wasn’t being said'...to dig deep and show no fear.  Those are skills that are critical in the corporate environment today.  If you are embarking on a culture change in your organization or if you need coaching to sharpen your leadership skills spend a few minutes talking with Sharon, it will be time well spent.”

— Peer


"passionate about leadership and connects with leaders at all levels"

“Sharon Pflieger has been my colleague, leader, coach and friend for more than six years.  As a professional in the OD space, Sharon is passionate about leadership and connects with leaders at all levels because she has been a leader at all levels.  She has the ability to stretch your capabilities because she encourages and empowers in an honest and enriching way.  Sharon's sense of humor and humility partnered with her insights into leadership make her an excellent resource for those preparing to be leaders all the way to seasoned leaders.” 

- Direct Report


“The very best descriptor of Sharon Pflieger is that of builder"

"In the most complex and sophisticated way, she contributed to building our culture through a Leadership Competency Model.  During her tenure, the Leadership Competency Model gained enterprise-wide commitment from all levels of leadership as well as creating a common ‘language of leadership’ the organization spoke. This significant accomplishment garnered her not only respect and credibility within our company but also at the parent company and was used as a best practice for other business units.  Sharon has the unique ability of building corporate cultures in a way very few leaders are able.” 

- Direct Report