Like it or not, the team at the top of the org chart is the one who has the most influence on either intentionally or unintentionally creating the culture for the entire organization. This can be 10 people to thousands of people, and it is a huge responsibility. It is also extremely difficult, given the complexity and day-to-day demands of the C-Suite roles. However, Leadership Teams that prioritize their time, effort, and energy on creating a culture where people can thrive outperform their competitors (as much as 3 times) even in times of recession.

High performing leadership teams do their own work first. They model the way others should behave, and they make decisions that reflect the vision and values that are at the core of the organizations DNA. 

Creating a high performing culture is not only doable, but it’s becoming more and more urgent as trust and engagement surveys indicate that in 2017 we are at an all-time low. (See “Why we do it”)

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Customized 3, 6, 9, and 12 month coaching packages available. 


Culture in the News

In a recent survey of CEOs by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 41 percent cited workplace culture as the aspect of their talent strategy that would make the greatest impact on attracting and retaining the people needed to remain competitive. 

Nearly seven in ten executives in a recent Deloitte survey on the future of the workplace said company culture will be critical to realizing their organizational mission. By contrast, only 14 percent said culture had little or no impact.

In its 2017 CEO Challenge, the Conference Board found that building an open and inclusive culture that lets talent thrive is a top concern among CEOs globally.