When I was a mid-level manager I wasn’t sure if I could build a small high performing team in a company of thousands…I knew what I wanted would go against the overall culture, but I did want to do my best to serve my team. I learned that not only is it possible, but the results of the team far exceeded expectations. 

(In Org Development speak this is referred to as the team “climate” which is a subset of the overall culture. But no need to get academic here. Bottom line: It is possible.)

High performing teams:

  • Have high levels of trust and respect for one another. 
  • Are actively engaged in their jobs, and even seek out how to solve problems outside their “lane."
  • Display high levels of energy
  • Know what they are responsible for and know how their work contributes to the greater success of the team. 
  • Hold themselves and each other accountable. 
  • Help each other and tend to laugh a lot. 

    When you create a team that exceeds expectations and you hear a lot of laughter when they are together…You have a high performing team. 

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